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[ Player Name ] : Hero
[ Personal DW ] : None
[ Age ] : 20
[ Timezone ] : US Central Time
[ Other Characters ] : None, apping Fluttershy//[personal profile] mylittledoormat above

[ Character's Name ] : Link
[ Character's Age ] : Around 18 to 19 years old
[ Series ] : The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
[ Canon Point ] : From the end of the game, right after the battle with Demise. He does not know if Zelda made it or who Impa really is yet.

[ History ] :
Skyward Sword || LoZ Wikia, Link - Skyward Sword || LoZ Wikia

[ Personality ] : Link is a good-natured person and very positive person to be around. He's also just a tad lazy when he's not out adventuring, spending his time napping or relaxing out in the sunshine. He prefers to take things slow and has a hard time getting up in the mornings... unless his childhood friend, Zelda, makes him get up, that is. Until the day everything changed, he spent most of his time either with Zelda or training with the other knights of the academy. He had a good life, even if he did have to deal with bullies like Groose and his cronies.

He loves to help out people in need, even if it's slaying a group of monsters or even just retrieving a lost item. And it's even better if it means he gets to prove an enemy wrong. If he's not able to help physically, Link will lend an ear as a patient listener and will do anything he can to cheer them up, if needed. He has a soft spot for damsels in distress. However, he knows very little in the way of romance and will act more like a best friend rather than a boyfriend. Don't even try to get him to love you back in that way, though; his heart belongs to Zelda in every way, even if he's not sure in what way that is yet.

Link is every bit the knight in shining armor (sans the armor) and will protect his friends with all of his strength. He is a fierce warrior in battle and has proven that he will do anything to prevent darkness from getting its way, even if that means heading back in time or traveling all over the land to get rid of it. He knows how to wield a sword and shield in a multitude of ways, and even many other items like bombs, a slingshot, and a bow. Scary, immense dungeons? No problem, there's always a way through. Despite his boyish good looks and laid back personality, Link has a sharp mind, quite intelligent for his age. Still, it may take him a little while to realize something, even if that something is staring him right in the face.

[ Strengths ] :
- Master swordsman, can use many different kinds of weapons and objects
- Heroic, kindhearted, patient, determined
- He is athletic and quick on his feet, able to do things his classmates cannot
- Makes friends very easily
- He can push himself past his body's limit, especially if a loved one is in danger
- A great flier on a Loftwing, best in his class

[ Weaknesses ] :
- Tends to be lazy, likes to nap/sleep
- Not a morning person
- He can push himself past his body's limit, especially if a loved one is in danger
- Too curious for his own good sometimes

[ Other Important Facts ] :
Got kind of a head start with Zelda & Dark Link/Sola at starfishbucks :3

[ Sample ] :
Drip. Drip. Drip. The sound of water hitting a hard surface slowly brought Link back to his senses. His entire body was soaked to the bone and he felt like he had been run over by rampaging Goron. Everything was sore. Swallowing hard, the young man carefully pushed himself up into a sitting position with a groan. Muscles screamed in protest, but he ignored the pain. He wiped the water from his eyes as he tried to gather his thoughts.

He had been fighting Demise. No, he had defeated Demise. Fi had just been about to lead him them back to the Sealed Temple and the Gate of Time, but then what? All that came to mind was a sudden flash of light and then... this. He lifted up his head and gazed around the area with weary sapphire eyes. And blinked.

This was definitely not the Gate of Time. Or even anything he recognized. He appeared to be on a deserted beach, the sand the purest color of white he had ever seen. Here and there chairs dotted the landscape, some topped by colorful cloth umbrellas. Just where in the world was he? He didn't remember a beach in any of the three regions, and especially not up in the sky.

Was this heaven? No, the throbbing all over his body said otherwise. So, Link was alive, at least. Wet, tired, and lost in a strange world, but he was alive. Well, first things first. He reached for the Goddess Sword strapped to his back... And touched nothing. Not even his shield.

His eyes widening in panic, Link realized that Fi, his Hylian Shield, and even his enchanted pack of items were gone, leaving empty loops on his belt. "No, no, no!" he cursed under his breath as he shot to his feet. He was defenseless. Utterly and totally.

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] : None <3
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