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Name:Link || Hero of the Sky
Website:Skyward Sword Wikia
[Character Journal by princesstilly2. I do not own The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword or the images used as icons in any way, shape, or form.]

Canon!Link from the end of the game, right after defeating Demise but before reuniting with Zelda.

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adventures, ancient robots, canon, cawlin, character journal, clouds, crimson loftwings, demise, deserts, dungeons, eldin, fantasy, faron, fi, fighting, flying, forests, ghirahim, goddesses, gods, gorons, grannie, groose, heroes, hylia, hyrule, impa, karane, kikwiis, knight academy, lanayru, legend of zelda, link, loftwings, mogmas, monsters, pipit, princesstilly2, roleplaying, rp, rpg, rpgs, scrapper, sheikahs, skyloft, skyward sword, strich, swords, the goddess, the legend of zelda, video games, volcanoes, wii, zelda
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